7 Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business


Cue Alice Cooper:  “Schools out for summer…!”  (You’re welcome for having that song in your head now.) It’s that time of year when people begin to have a vacation mentality. We plan our time off with family or friends; have BBQ’s in the back yard or enjoy lazy nights staying outside till bedtime. Your business may be busy or slow, but adults remember that amazing feeling of having nothing to do for 3 months, and it’s hard to not look forward to summer with a lighter step and happier feeling.

How can you take advantage of that summer feeling in your marketing?

1.Summer themed events – Farmer’s Markets, festivals and conferences fill the calendar this time of year. Sponsor a summer festival or just a tent at the farmer’s market, go to your industry conference and build your network. Create your own fun holiday or Google “non-traditional holidays.” There are multiple things being celebrated every month, week and day. If you have a retail location, create an event or just set up a table of cool refreshments for shoppers.

2.Summer giveaways – Change up your promotional items. Look for summer themed products or add a new summer logo to your pens and sticky notes.

3.Vacation themed videos – While you are outside somewhere (even on vacation), create a few videos that contain useful information for your clients and prospects. Keep your bathing suit covered up, please, and mind the background noise, but you might be able to blend your location with your message. “How is a hike in the woods like a new website?” Then post on your website, add to your emails and share on social media.

4.Repackage, rename and rebrand – Get clever with your services and add a summer themed name for a new product. Go in with a complementary business and bundle items together to sell. Is there a way to update your email signature to add a little summer to it?

5.Create content. Use your own downtime to update your LinkedIn profile, freshen up your website, and write some articles for your blog and social media. If you aren’t currently sending out a newsletter, ask someone to setup one up for you.

6.Network everywhere. Chatting up the guy in the plane seat next to you or at the pool could be just the connection you need for your next sale. Remove your ear phones and put down your Kindle long enough to enjoy the people around you.

7.Throw a party for the office. In the next 90 days you can find time to do a luncheon, breakfast, after hours or dinner party for your team and maybe even their families. These kinds of things build a lot of goodwill and loyalty to your company.

Don’t forget! Take a lot of photos during the summer. They are perfect to add into your social media and blog posts or articles. With just a little bit of effort, your marketing can capitalize on summer’s frame of mind and attract new customers.

Amy Kinnaird mentors small business CEO’s and works with their teams to improve processes and professionalism so that they are more profitable! Call her at 318-795-0520 or visit www.AmyKinnaird.com.