Acree: Shreveport Proud


Shreveport serves as the economic driver and engine of our region and is commonly called the Capital of the Ark-La-Tex. We are the third largest city in Louisiana leading the community in progressive growth and development. Shreveport is the parish seat of Caddo Parish and serves as the financial, medical, commercial, industrial, and governmental hub of the Ark-La-Tex.  We are a beautiful, safe, and diverse city with nearly 200,000 residents serving a metropolitan statistical area of more than 440,000 people.

Shreveport’s centralized U.S. geographic location makes it an ideal commercial distribution hub situated at the crossroads of three major interstates – I-20, I-49, and I-220. It makes travel a breeze getting from one side of town to the other in 15 to 20 minutes. Shreveport is also home to one of America’s top inland ports, The Port of Shreveport/Bossier, which ships millions of tons of cargo all over the world.

Arlena Acree

The film industry is really picking back up as we now have some new state incentives that are getting a lot of international attention with emphasis on more indigenous film making. We still have great crews, stages, amazing locations and one of the most generous tax credits in the world, offering as much as 40 percent on qualified spend. With a $150 million annual production cap, Louisiana remains one of the best places to shoot your next project.

We are very proud of some of our recent ranking accolades:

• Shreveport-Bossier lauded for tech growth on industry news website:, 6-2017

• Shreveport ranked as a prime area in the U.S. for teachers to live and work in the 3rd Annual “Best Cities  for K-12 Teachers” report. 5-2017

• Shreveport ranked #5 out of the top 250 Cities in the U.S. that present the ideal conditions for postgraduates  looking to find their first home. LendEDU, 5-2017

• Shreveport  ranked as one of the best cities in the  entire U.S. for getting the most out of your paycheck.  GOBankingRates, 4-2017

• Shreveport Ranks 17 out of the top 25 cities with  the lowest cost of living. Business Insider (8-2016)

• Shreveport ranked No. 5 out of 113 major U.S. Cities as “Best Cities for Retirement in 2017”  Criteria were personal safety, low property taxes, affordable cost of living, and climate., 2017

• Shreveport ranked No. 1 nationally for having the lowest manufacturing costs in the U.S.  KPMG National Real estate Management Company, 2016

• Shreveport ranked No. 3 out of the top 10 cities nationally for affordable housing and above average salaries for 18-to-34 year-olds. Money Under 30, 2016

• Shreveport ranked 17 out of the top 25 cities with the lowest cost of living. Business Insider, 2016

• Shreveport ranked No. 18 out of 150 cities in the United States as the best place to start a business in 2016.  WalletHub, 2016

• Shreveport is the most cost-friendly city to do business among the 27 small-sized U.S. metro city areas.  KPMG LLP, 2016

• North Louisiana ranks as the No. 1 most cost competitive manufacturing market. KPMG Competitive Alternatives, 2016

• Shreveport ranks in the Top 10 of Millennial Friendly Cities. Bloomberg Business citing data from, 2015

• Shreveport ranked No. 1 out 150 cities in the United States as the best place to start a business in 2015. WalletHub

Now you can see why businesses and industries are choosing and making Shreveport home!

Arlen Acree is Director of Economic Development for the City of Shreveport