Caddo GOP: Put public arena up for vote


The Caddo Parish GOP has issued a press release encouraging the City of Shreveport to have any decision to move forward with the Cross Bayou development include a public vote.

The Shreveport City Council will vote on Tuesday, September 12 to proceed with securing the bond money needed for a proposed arena to house the NBA G League developmental team for the New Orleans Pelicans. The arena is the cornerstone for a whole development that will include mixed use such as residential, commercial and entertainment surrounding the arena.

“Mayor Ollie Tyler insists building an arena for the G League team of the New Orleans Pelicans will be important as a ‘significant economic driver in job creation,'” the release said. “…we believe that any decision to proceed must also guarantee a public vote on any public money, whatsoever, that will be used to finance the proposed arena.”

The GOP said this is because there has been “a trend, across the country, of government finding loopholes in laws and ordinances meant to guarantee public votes and this ought not be permitted with our city government in Shreveport.”

The release goes on to say that “the residents of Shreveport deserve to be heard directly, even above the cheering crowds for the proposed arena, as well as the naysayers who say it shouldn’t be done.”