Green: Work Is Hard…


…That’s why we celebrate those businesses that make it easier

Look, work is hard. Getting up early. Commuting. Working with other people. Meeting expectations. Going above and beyond for clients and customers. That, plus all the little fires that pop up every day, and the headaches that come with it all. So why do we do it, then? If it’s so hard, why do we come into work? Because for a lot of people, they are genuinely excited to wake up and do what they do for a living. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

These people and the companies they work for are why we do this edition. We took nominations from employees of businesses throughout Shreveport-Bossier and Minden across all sectors of industry and then vetted each business to see if that business inspires passion in its employees, incentivizes and rewards them, and/or builds a positive culture.

We always praise companies for their performance or achievements, but what gets lost is how those people — the same ones who are performing day-to-day or making those achievements possible — get treated on the way there. We wanted to celebrate local and national companies who are here in our community, that have strong leadership who then empower, reward, and support their employees.

Creating employee engagement and loyalty can be almost impossible, but there are businesses here filled with people who truly appreciate the company for which they work, who have coworkers who rally around them in times of need, managers who publicly praise their performance, take pride in what they are doing for clients and customers, and give back to their community. And in this edition, you’ll learn how these companies created this atmosphere and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

This is our second year of BIZ. Magazine’s Best Places to Work and for 2017 we’re excited to recognize CenturyLink Center/SMG, Kean Miller, Shreveport Downtown Development Authority, Graf Orthodontics, Meadowview Health and Rehab, Citizens National Bank, Fire Tech Systems, Prevot Design Services, and for the second year — Margaritaville Resort and Casino, and Red River Chevrolet.

I will say, this process isn’t perfect. There is always room for improvement in anything you do (and we’re open to suggestions). But as the number one business publication in northwest Louisiana, we want to celebrate our business community and the great things they’re doing in it. All of this year’s winners are solid partners and contributors to the business community, regardless of whether they are locally-founded or national corporations. And I’m honored to shine the light on them.

This edition is not for the sake of advertising or handing out awards. We do these editions because we can all learn something from the recipients that will help us make ourselves better. That’s why I encourage you to read on, because I want northwest Louisiana to be filled with amazing places to work.

Sean Green is Publisher and Editor of BIZ. Magazine