Johnson: Going Beyond ‘For Sale’


Undoubtedly you’ve seen “For Sale” signs in front yards or building windows numerous times. But think of “for sale” in relation to your business – the time, service, niche or products you provide are all, constantly, for sale to your loyal and expanding customer base.

The Bossier Chamber may not have an ecommerce site specifically set up for people to click and purchase your products, but the Chamber is a great place for local businesses to effectively market what each business has “for sale.” Looking for business-to-business marketing? Look no further than the Bossier Chamber.

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce provides its members with several opportunities where a business can partner with the Chamber to sell and market its products to other businesses or the average consumer. The Chamber prides itself on its mission of connecting business to business. Whether it is through networking events, weekly e-Newsletters, military programs, or press release assistance, the Bossier Chamber serves as the primary gateway to helping members sell their services and ultimately grow their business.

Don’t know where to get started? The Chamber staff is here to help you navigate this opportunity, keying you in on the deals and services provided by being a part of the Chamber. When it comes to Chamber memberships, it is a buyer’s market. Those businesses that choose to invest in the Chamber receive many benefits beyond their initial investment.

With 40-50 events each year, the Bossier Chamber makes it easy for businesses to get in front of other businesses. The Chamber not only hosts evening networking events but a morning networking event is as well. Many signature events are held during lunchtime and include such subject matter as advocacy, education and military. Whatever type of community involvement helps sell, support, and grow your business, the chamber provides.

Each week the Bossier Chamber publishes a weekly e-Newsletter that is distributed to more than 3,000 business contacts. New business members and their contact information are listed immediately, and a week or two later, the new business member has the opportunity to be featured in the Chamber’s “New Member Spotlight” section as well as on digital billboards around the area. This is the time where a new business member is able to sell their business to the 900 established business members and 3,000-plus business representatives.

So, the next time you are driving around and see a “for sale” sign, think of the ways your businesses has something valuable “for sale.” If you need new and fresh ideas on how to sell those business services, reach out to the Bossier Chamber of Commerce and we can help “close” some of those “sales” with you.

Lisa Johnson is President and CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce