Kinnaird: Over 50? You Might Be an Entrepreneur

Young woman making triange shape with fingers in front of her face.

The BIZ. topics this month – Honoring 5 Over 50 and our Craft Breweries – are perfect since I’m over 50 and my daughter brews her own beer for fun!  She and her husband live in Charlotte, NC (thank you Shreveport Regional Airport for now offering non-stop flights there) where there are oodles of craft breweries.

One of my favorite marketing ideas is their Beer Runs which are basically loosely organized running groups meeting at different breweries on different afternoons and running together. Of course, at the end, you’re already at the beer garden and stay awhile to drink and grab a snack. Smart. (Beer is carbs, right?)

Clever branding and packaging abounds here at our own featured breweries. They capitalize on local names and local ties which everyone loves and supports. Having joint venture partners is a win-win, which you’ll see as some breweries team up with food truck businesses and musicians. If you haven’t visited these local businesses, do yourself a favor. Call up your favorite people and enjoy an evening with friends there.

Let’s hop to the Over 50 crowd. This is the fastest growing age group for starting businesses today. Surprised? Sometimes called “encore entrepreneurs,” – which I love the sound of – Huffington Post declares this the new Baby Boomer lifestyle and the new mid-life crisis. I started my own business at age 50 and can easily identify with that. If you’ve been hankering to start your own business or go back to work, call me! I’ll encourage and cheer you on.

Locally, we have a lot of young people in our tech sector.  But, you may find it interesting to note that twice as many technology company founders in the United States are over age 50 as under age 25. With literally decades of experience in the business world, this age group has been there and done that.

Having cut my business teeth on computers, this doesn’t surprise me. While I didn’t wire boards, I do go back to the days when we punched 80-column cards. (Google it if you need to) The over 50 crowd has more disposable income and are still interested in staying front and center in business. While many retire at 65, they often go back to work for themselves, even on a part time basis.

Bottom line? Do what you love. Build your brand. That’s true for our local brewery founders and that’s true for the encore entrepreneur.

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