McCary’s Jewelers to open new location in August


McCary’s Jewelers has quietly been constructing what is their first free-standing location in over 75 years on East 70th Street, due to open next month.

Just a stone’s throw away from their current E. 70th Street home, the store’s architecture and aesthetic features are customer-centric with the focus on detail, style lighting, custom artistry and product display.

From their humble beginnings in a Downtown Shreveport rented space shared with a local Milam Street Barber Shop, McCary’s fourth generation of the family-owned business is launching the jeweler into the 21st century. Miles Thomas, and his wife, Anne, have put in tireless hours of time and effort to help orchestrate this dream. It’s a family operation down to the team of people bound together to work on the development.

“It was important to me to use as many local people, operations and materials as possible. This community has supported us for so many years. Gene Nims Builders built the house I grew up in and the youngest daughter of Designer Cabinets and Millwork owners, Dustin and Kandice Weeks, is in Anne’s kindergarten class. This is more than just a jewelry store, it’s a legacy for the McCary family and we are putting our heart and soul into making sure it is something just as special to our customers,” said Miles Thomas.

The company’s marketing firm, Kalmbach Smith Meadows, has revealed their new branding that signifies the infinity of the generational family business and the sophistication and professionalism of the McCary’s Jewelers team reflected in the MJ. This unique symbolism will be built into the front door handle grips and reception area. While customers will find the same high quality, familiar brands in the showroom; McCary’s continues to build as a brand ambassador on new special collection lines like Raymond Weil and others. The new showroom was created to include a retail space that showcases the expertise shared by those key members of the McCary’s team. There is an open window to view jewelry repairs and custom artistry being performed by registered jewelers.

Customer Heather Miner added, “My father-in-law has used this jeweler for decades! He introduced my husband and I to McCary’s, and we will never use anyone else. They are very helpful, super nice, and even customize jewelry, offering in-house lay-away. They’ve cleaned, sized and appraised inherited family jewelry (although the dollar value could never be greater than the sentimental value). Point is, I trust them with my most prized possessions.”

This is the very basis of why McCary’s Jewelers is a main stay in the market. R.L. McCary, 86 years young, has shared a lifetime of beautiful creations through the family business and continues to do so every day with his custom work. He, however, has had the most fun watching his grandson, Miles Thomas, use his learned and unique talents as an artisan and keen businessman. Miles recently wrote a letter to his Paw Paw and mother, Lynn McCary Thomas about the blessing this store is in his life.

Dear Mom and Paw Paw,

Not too long ago, during my senior year of college, I was in the middle of what was my most difficult accounting course – Advanced Cost Accounting. My major had been accounting for a couple of years at this point, and I had struggled through the entire curriculum to make good enough grades to go on to be a CPA after I graduated. Not that I ever had any lifelong aspirations to become an accountant but because that’s what I believed as a business major gave the best opportunity to be able to provide for myself and eventually my family. But everything came to a head that day that I walked in to take the test after weeks of preparation only to walk out with over half of the exam blank. I’ll never forget driving to an empty parking lot down Burbank Drive and calling my father to tell him I had failed and I had zero idea what I was going to do with my life and how I

was going to graduate. I was taught from a young age that my education was one of the most important investments that was a massive gift with no strings attached other than expectation that I do everything I could to make my grades because I graduated college I was expected to be completely on my own. In a word, I was petrified.

As I started weighing my options of what I should do next, the opportunity of joining the family business was presented to me. So, here I was with no experience in a jewelry store, no knowledge of gemstones and/or precious metals, and no understanding of how the industry operated and yet the proposition was a simple as it could be – graduate college as quickly as possible and come to work ready to learn. At that point, I had no choice. I switched to an easier major and enrolled in online gemology classes to save time in becoming a gemologist.

Five years later, I’m married to the love of my life, own my own home, my wife and I are now new parents to our first-born child, Penn Oden Thomas, who arrived in April, we are building a brand-new store, and I’m in my final gemology class. Mom, you have helped me through every step of this process and you have given me your support since day one. You have been the glue that has held this store and this vision together over the years. Paw Paw, there hasn’t been a single lesson that you haven’t done everything you could to teach me. From custom-made pieces to learning how to set stones on Sunday afternoons, you have always made yourself available to me and my learning of the profession. You have taught me, through your example, what it means to work hard for what you hope to have.

But here’s the thing…you never had to give me any of these opportunities in the first place, but you did. You never had to give up your time, you never had to drop what you were doing to help, and you never had to trust me with anything, but you did. For that, I can never express to you how grateful I am. Thank you both for everything you have done for me.


McCary’s is a rare area jeweler who designs and manufactures in-house. They are an American Gem Society store, with a staff that includes a certified gemologist, multiple registered jewelers, and caring advisors with a passion for fashion and fine jewelry. The jewelers are proud members of the American Gem Society and the Gemological Institute of America. Membership in these organizations assures McCary’s customers of the knowledge and skill of professional jewelers. For more information on the store, visit