Study: Louisiana business climate lagging behind most other states


According to a new CNBC ranking, Louisiana’s economy is lagging behind most other US states.

The news outlet’s America’s Top States for Business 2017 ranking had Louisiana at No. 44. It’s official breakdown summed up, “Generous incentives make the Pelican State hard to beat on costs, but the schools and the economy hit sour notes.”

For 11 years CNBC has been scoring the states to see how they rank in competitiveness. The study reveals key state economic indicators on everything from taxes and regulatory climate to the quality of their workforces, scoring all 50 states on more than 60 measures of competitiveness developed with input from a broad and diverse array of business and policy experts, official government sources, the CNBC Global CFO CouncilYPO and the states themselves.

States receive points based on their rankings in each metric. Then we separate those metrics into 10 broad categories, weighted based on how frequently each is used as a selling point in state economic development marketing materials. That way, our study ranks the states based on the criteria they use to sell themselves.

Louisiana’s rankings can be seen below:

Learn more about their categories and methodology HERE. Find the full 2017 Top States coverage HERE.